Seikyo Joan Wilamowska

Joanna Seikyo Wilamowska, our beloved friend and sangha member passed away on Monday 23.07.2018 She was 41 years old, born in 12.11.1977

Although she has finished studies in law, She devoted Her life to yoga and Chinese medicine, becoming a teacher in Iyengar tradition. For a few years she was teaching classes at the Yogamudra Yoga Studio in Warsaw, but last years of her life she spent teaching in Szczecin.  She was happy to conduct sessions in small groups, what allowed her to have direct contact with her students. It also was giving her the possibility of deeper penetration into the practice of yoga. Quoting her words: "Working on a mat with asanas, where the body is a tool, is a starting point for me to get to know myself."

She started her zazen practice under guidance of Genyu, and had the first sesshin with the Roshi at Kosesshin in Szczecin in 2006 followed by Gadom 2008 Osesshin and regular next sesshins in Hokuozan Sogenji, she received Jukai in June 2014 being given name "SeiKyo" what in kanji means 清恭大姉  Pure Respect. 

She was able to put her practice and deep teaching of the Buddha into daily life, being irreplaceable member of Polish sangha.

The funeral ceremony will take place at friday 27.07.2018 in Szczecin, her body will be cremated with Rakusu.
Her name will be added to morning choka ekos and yearly commemorative ceremony in Hokuozan Sogenji monastery.

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