Samu Sesshin Completed

Deep thanks to our Zen master Shodo Harada Roshi as well as to a most beautiful sangha. Practising for a week together deepening of mind and opening of heart. The teishos on the Mumonkan being our reminding guiding light.

Opening Poem

One finger like a fool – zen for humanity
I am the only one – pointing to life´s source beyond form
Sitting on the cushion – right there the truth of the Buddha
When all is cut away, the truth of human becomes clarified

Here the group foto taken by Joern:

Tatjana Elina Madas Jakucho Genbi Karolis Sebastian Dan Myorin Seitoku Rita Roshi Frank Bue Gendo Brigitte Tomek Bertjan Myokan Gästa Guus Vitek Miun Meishu Sottaku John Basti Till Xaro Seishin Pavel Luca Kodo ShoE.

 And fotos of those who had to leave before the group foto :)

Annemie and Sozen from Belgium

Gytis Karolis Karolis Irena Genshu Risetsu Jakucho Elmaras Myokan Tsugen Rita Madas and Paulius from Lithuania

Nimue and her parents Tilde and Komyo

Closing Poem

The Oak tree in the garden, true mind is true mind
Right there activity and nature have become one
the workings of a gang of thieves – all Buddhist treasures taken
Coming from the East with no purpose
yet filling the whole universe

Thanks to our Roshi and to Werner our samu coordinator

A happy end !

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