Ryoguzen - how to prepare offerings

A ryoguzen is prepared for the yearly special ceremonies as well as for memorial ceremonies for priests and families.

It consists of rice - misosoup, 5 boiled vegetables, a mixed dish and pickles.

On the left side you can see the cup with macha green tea, on the right side the cup with "medicine" cinnamon and the tray with candy. 

Close by the needed tools are standing - hot water in the traditional copper pitcher "jinbin" and a bamboo tea whisk "chasen". The green tea and medicine are prepared fresh just a moment before the sutra starts.

After the sutras has been read and the food offered by the Roshi, the meal offering sutra is read. During which the saba (3-7 grains of rice) offering are placed on the spatula, the spoon is placed onto the rice, chopsticks onto the miso soup and the metal spoon on the the medicine cup.

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