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In Roshi's Samu Sesshin Setsuryo Tahoma talk he address our daily state of mind. He talked about how our minds are often stuck in Beta waves. Beta waves he said are important to survival, and are useful for decision making, strategy, and judgment, weighing this or that, is crucial for survival of the species. 
However he said we should spend brief time in Beta mind and then revert to Alpha brain waves. He said Alpha waves thinking is intuitive and spacious. He said in olden days we used to spend more time in activities nurturing intuitive Alpha brain waves, which he said is samadhi mind. 
He said now we have computers and devices that tend to make us stuck in that "either/ or" Beta brain thinking state, thinking and judging all the time. He said that is the source of much conflict in the world today. He encouraged us to increase the Alpha brain waves, practicing zazen to learn to shift more easily into spacious Alpha wave states and stay there during the day, allowing intuitive functioning to dominate our mind, increasing daily samadhi and living life in an intuitive, broad minded way. 

Roshi's calligraphy talk was particularly inspiring. He said it's important to be meticulous and humble, examining daily choices and not being robotic and sleeping through life. He asked people to ask themselves: "Who Am I?" He said take responsibility for your choices in life. He asked, are you making a living or really living? 

He really was very specific, asking people to wake up and engage in their life and choices much more closely. He reminded people that we begin life as zero, we are One at birth, and only around 24 months we become a "two". He said Zazen is to return to that mind of the child that knows only one. A very demanding and inspiring speech. 

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