Roshi in Europe

After the sesshin in Hokuozan Sogenji, Harada Roshi and some sangha members drove to Odense, where the Zendo of long time student Sottaku Torben was opened and blessed. He had a zendo in another location before, now having move to his childhood house, the new zendo was blessed. The altar being a carpenter`s master piece from his great great grand father.

We continued further East to the country site near Vig, where Daiko Koji has his new zendo. A summer camp was rented for the 2 1/2 days of sesshin with 37 participants, 11 people coming from abroad to join in. It was very close to the beach, so a long kinhin could take place there on a cold yet sunny day.

After the sesshin it was a quick clean up and packing the whole zendo which then was moved over to Daiko Koji`s zendo ready in time for the afternoon Zendo opening and blessing ceremony.

The zendo was filled with many sangha members. The room being about 32 qm yet holding a huge number of people, like the room of Vimalakirti, the Roshi commented.

Opening and Blessing ceremony of the ODZ Zendo "Man of no rank" near Vig in Denmark.

Harada Roshi followed by Daiko Koji gave greetings to the sangha.

Harada Roshi travelled further South for the opening and blessing ceremony of Gabriele and Nick`s Zendo in Lausanne in Switzerland.

The European sangha is very grateful for receiving the teaching and devoted energy of Harada Roshi during the last two weeks. Gassho.

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