Roshi arrives at Tahoma for Feb Training

After a delay in flights, likely due to the increase in vigilance at US borders, Roshi and Daichi Zenni arrived safely in Seattle, were picked up by Dairyo Koji, and brought here just in time for a brief staff meeting and Kokuho. We now begin a 6 day Kosesshin with 34 people coming and going and 23 of those will stay with another 23 coming for a total of 46 at Osesshin 7 days. Following that Chisan and Roshi will fly to LA for the ODZLA sesshin. We have very strong winds after snow the day before their arrival, and we are working on much needed maintenance of the grounds and buildings of Tahoma, the nearly 20 year old fridge system and water pump system takes some babying. 

Roshi emphasized in Kokuho that even with the pulls of life to build a family house and money each of us has that inner tug to know ourselves within more than external things and that inner knowing leads to peace and touches each person and circumstance we encounter throughout our life, even if we only go in a little it touches everything and the deeper we look within the more it affects everything we do. 

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