Rohatsu Sesshin in Sogenji

This year`s Rohatsu Osesshin in Sogenji was practiced with (left to right)

Daishu (Germany) Jobul (Poland) Dimitry (Russia) Sochu (Holland) Bodhiprajna (India) Sozen (Belgium) Doho (Spain) Sozui (germany) Dairin (USA) Daiko (Denmark) Kozan (poland) Ekei (Germany) Gensatsu (Denmark) Shunko (USA) Jeff (USA) ShoE (Germany) Shogan (Poland) Ninsei (Poland) Harada Roshi (Japan) Seishin (Russia) Jiko (Poland) Genyu (Poland) Peter (Hungary) May (USA) Amos (Israel) Doan (USA) Domyo (France) Judith (USA) Dogen (France) Rob (Holland) Xaro (Spain) Agata (Poland) Masako (Japan) Pavel (Sweden) Sokun (Taiwan) Darius (Lithuania) Gensei (Japan) Ramona (Germany) Jessica (Poland) Ichido (Japan) Sojun (Japan) Sogen (Japan) and Daichi (USA) 

"Shakyamuni Buddha descending the mountain and attaining enlightenment"

This scroll is being hung during the memorial ceremony for the Buddha`s Enlightenment in the Hondo central sutra building.

The poem given by Harada Roshi this morning (translation see above):


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