Rohatsu Osesshin

Rohatsu Sesshin has started at Sogenji with 40 people participating. Just in time for the sesshin, the winds have brought cold temperatures and the air is crispy. The above scroll made in 1841 by feudal lord Ikeda "ShuSanButsu" - the Buddha coming down the mountain and experiencing enlightenment - is already hanging in the Hondo. The Roshi has changed some aspects of the system during the preparatory meeting, bringing Sogenji closer to the Sodo professional monastic style of training, where the Fuzui is in charge of organizing the Jisha`s work and for the whole week it is the same person playing the Mokugyo as well as various other instruments. This brings more simplicity to the flow of the sangha during sesshin. Sangha members from abroad, Denmark and Poland have arrived, only full time participants are allowed during the sesshin, with everyone staying in the zendo and not returning to their rooms.

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