Rohatsu 2015

The Zendo filled with copper heads and iron bodies
Day by day, shoulder by shoulder - the world is at rest.
All colors and sounds thrown away
This morning the old tradition of the JodoE is being observed.

JodoE = ceremony in commemoration of the Buddha`s enlightenment 

Ramona - Germany, Masako -Japan, Jikishin - USA, Jusen - USA, Bodhiprajna - India, Roshi, Bodhidhamma - India, Genyu - Poland, ShoE - Germany, Seishin - Russia, Jokan - USA, Mendhe - India

Sozen - Belgium, Shunko - USA, Sebastian - USA, Doan - USA, Bulshim - Australia, Ninsei - Poland, Hori - Germany, Basti - Germany, Jiko - Poland, Ekei - Germany, Leon - Germany, Kerstin - Germany, Sogen - Japan, Junsei - USA, Shuho - Russia, Dace - Latvia, Soshun - France, Domyo - France, Dogen - France, Daichi - USA, Sojun - Japan, daishu - Germany and Doho from Spain

Seiki Daishi with the daily caretaker Jokan and translator Seishin, Roshi and Daichi.

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