Rohatsu 2012

A rather cold Rohatsu, temperatures around 0 degree, snow falls and icy winds, were celebrated this morning by the ceremony in honor of the Buddha`s enlightenment.

The poem given by the Roshi:


Bringing forth the Great determination
for living from Grace given by the Buddha
Copper heads, iron bodies
Shaving free the root
Coming forth unendingly
freshly reborn - straightforward devotion
the path for the liberation of all humanity


Left to right: Daishu(Germany), Bodhiprajna (India), Raine (USA) Doho (Spain), Myongwha (Poland), Daiko (Denmark), ShoE (Germany), Shunko (USA), Sergey (Russia), Jikishin (USA), Doan (USA), Fujaku (USA), Kosho (USA), Ekei (Germany), Seigen (Holland), Domyo (France), Harada Roshi, Rob (Holland), Seishin (Russia), Jusen (USA), Genyu (Poland), Bela (Hungary), Shokin (Belgium), Kozan (Poland), David (Germany), Genshin (USA), Daishin (USA), Assaf (Israel), Sochu (Holland), Amos (Israel), Jobul (Poland), Dairin (USA), Shogan (Poland), Ninsei (Poland), Masako (Japan), Sokun (Taiwan), Jiko (Poland), Eduardo (Argentina), Daichi (USA), Sogen (Japan), Mandai (Japan), Ichido (Japan), Gensei (Japan), Doyu (Japan) - not on picture Dogen (France)

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