Residential Training in Tahoma

Dear One Drop Sangha and Friends, For the first time ever, Harada Roshi will offer a month of training at Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery.   There will be two kosesshin in addition to the usual osesshin. When not in sesshin, Tahoma will operate on a monastic schedule, with sanzen offered during morning and evening zazen. (Sanzen is open to people who have sat a prior One Drop Osesshin.) 
Roshi and Chisan plan to arrive at Tahoma on Thursday February 4, 2016 

FULL-TIME RESIDENTIAL TRAINING is available February 5 - 23, 2016. (Trainees doing the entire month may choose to arrive earlier.)
KOSESSHIN -  FRIDAY February 5 - SUNDAY February 7, 2016 (kokuho Friday evening , 2/5/16. 2 full days kosesshin schedule)
KOSESSHIN - THURSDAY February 11 - SUNDAY February 14, 2016 (kokuho Thursday evening, 2/11/16, 3 full days kosesshin schedule)
OSESSHIN - TUESDAY February 16 - TUESDAY February 23, 2016 (kokuho evening, 2/16/16, 7 full days osesshin schedule, end evening 2/23/16) 
Roshi and Chisan depart Tahoma Tuesday night, February 23, 2016. 
Priority for admission will be given to those who will train for the entire month. Osesshin participation will be full-time only. Outside of Kosesshin and Osesshin, Gaitan may be available for single days of practice. People will need to call in advance to learn if space is avaiable.

Donation/Fee schedule entire month of residential training: $500osesshin: $350kosesshin: $50/day. Financial aid available, as needed. Dana welcomed, as possible

Due to Roshi's busy schedule this year, we are currently not accepting any new questions at this time

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