Reincarnation ?

The Buddha disliked these two concepts the most: the idea that when we die all is gone. And the idea that there is a soul which is being reborn.
The Buddha clearly stated that this has nothing to do with the experience of truth. There is not some kind of special soul living within us. The Tibetan book of the dead is not a Buddhist text, describing the reincarnation of souls. 
Even from before the time of the Buddha the teaching of the six realms existed. The transmigration through the six realms happens right now in our mind when we go through different emotions, it happens in situations, in eras. Yet these are all phenomena that appear and disappear. Like those many galaxies in the empty universe, being born and dying.
The Buddha agrees to the fact that we go through these different realms. Yet his teaching is: what is the constant, unchanging truth within this? To clearly look only at this - this is our training and the truth of all Buddhist teaching. That place where our mind is pure and not attached to the six realms it is going through. Even after enlightenment, calamities happen, they will never stop since it is the law of nature. Yet by knowing that immoveable place, we do not need to be afraid of whatever might happen.

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