Quotes from Teisho

Maybe you can notice it for yourselves, that it is difficult to keep a good posture when you are having thoughts.

When you have this eye of Zen developed, you can simply look at people in society and you will know their particular suffering. That is the virtue of Zen.

There is violence in the world, but also money and positions are a kind of violence.

When doing Mu you need to do it to a degree that even when speaking in your sleep, you only say Mu, and your dreams as well are only Mu.

You can experience this quiet state of mind in your zazen, and how to move forth from there, that is what you can learn in sanzen.

To free yourself from karmic circumstances is not done in a year or two, saying it clearly, it takes a few years for the habit to be purified. 

There is consciousness digging into consciousness, and at this place people get scared and leave the path, because it is so dark. And they let themselves get pulled off the path by society.

When our essence becomes riper, filled completely from within, then you are immovable and not looking for something delicious outside anymore. That is Zen. You need to experience this in a Dojo, in a place of practice, or else the situations will keep confusing you.

Zazen is not about playing with time, but THIS is out last day of our life. To sit like this, then the huge energy of Zen can be experienced.

You can tell by how people walk how their state of mind is. When the hips stay stable when walking, that is how the state of mind is. This is being taught in all of the Zen paths. In Ono theatre you do not even take your feet off the ground, but stay low and connected, sliding along. Always stuck to the ground, staying immovable, or else you cannot truly give life to the flower in Ikebana.

We have gathered information, yet that is only like a candle creating a shadow of the form it lights up, and that shadow is all that ego is.

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