Poem Reading Night

At Sogenji it has become a tradition for each sangha member to write a poem for the New Year. It can be in response to the Roshi`s New Year Poem, but it can also be totally free. It is a chance to share with the sangha and the Roshi, how each member is perceiving their training, their state of mind, maybe even their prayers, wishes and hopes for the New Year expressed.

If someone from our world-wide sangha would be inspired to write their poem and share it with the sangha, please send it via email for this webpage until end of January.

The gathering for the Poem reading at Sogenji is on the 3rd of January at night.

From the other side they hadn`t looked like illusions.
The dragon swallowing more and more of these illusions and dreams -
the new base for placing one`s feet is appearing simultaneously.
Yet only returning to an old deep source
which can only be the base for balance and peace of all.

The Dragon´s Roar pierces the Sky.
Dances through Heavens and Earth with a Great Vow.
To lead us All to the Other Shore. 
Swallowing illusions together, Riding with Full Trust
Our hearts know the way back,
To the Great Source of Peace.

Walking through the city streets,
Full of people talking and laughing,
I move through the dream,
That does not feel real.

Stepping into the subway car,
Seeing people from all walks of life,
Feeling that which we all share,
It couldn't be more real.

Worldly life no longer sought,
Worldly affairs of no interest,
It is with the ancients,
I seek to be.

The deep still ocean floor
Is undisturbed by the unceasing waves above
May all beings caught in the turbulence of life and death
In their hearts perceive the unmovable peace
From which the whole of life is reborn anew in every moment

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