Past Life Therapy

All of you understand well that your body is just borrowed and thus also your thoughts are just borrowed. If you have really understood this then this is proof that your zazen is working well. Today during Zazenkai a couple came all the way from far away Vancouver in Canada. The husband is Canadian while the wife is originally from Japan. They work as psychologists and were talking about the new field of past life therapies they were working in. Saying that everyone does not only exist now, but that everyone brings their special characteristics from an emotional to the physical level with them when born. Their psychological challenges as well originate in a time before their birth. So however much we try to resolve our difficulties in this present situation with medicine and therapy, it is as if only working on the branches of the actual problem. Yet if you are only concerned about the leaves and branches and don´t work on the trunk or root of the tree, then you cannot understand the whole picture. Those past problems bring about the present challenges as well. If you do work on those difficulties of your past life, then the present problems become resolved one after another. This kind of reincarnation therapy will be used more and more. That is what this doctor reported.

No surprise there, if you have passed the koan MU, then this is completely obvious. Otherwise how could you possibly have passed MU? From there it also is completely clear in which state of mind the person in front of you is, and what they are thinking. If that has not become clear then you are not doing correct zazen. What kind of life that person has lead until now becomes obvious as well. We do not practice zazen to have this kind of clear vision, but it is a side effect of our practice.

A monk asks master Joshu: "Does a dog have Buddha nature?" - Joshu answered: "Mu." - The monk continues: "How come the Buddha said that all grasses, all trees, all earth are already enlightened yet you answer Mu?" - Joshu answered: "Because they have the five skandhas, because they have karma." Then people try to understand and say: so because of our 5 skandhas we cannot comprehend our Buddha nature. Great mistake there ! It means that Buddha nature cannot be understood. Letting go of the awareness of the body, of all gathered knowledge and experiences, from there you can see that there is nothing like an original nature. Because it is not on an understanding level. Forgetting the zendo, the surroundings, and right there you are that state of mind. That experience is Zen. From that experience to be able to see all the past lifes as well is nothing special. Only because we are so involved with ourselves, that is why we do not see it. All existence is right in front of us. That is Zen. It doesn´t have to be called Zen, it is just that state of mind where everything extra is let go of and the truth of all existence is apparent.

The psychologist from Vacouver was doing this kind of past life, regressive therapy yet using it as a science. Zen doesn´t stop there. It looks at the place beyond that, your true face before your parents were born. Having practices for a whole training period now, everyone should be getting close to this state of mind. Don´t think that there are thoughts. That body is just borrowed but has no real form. We do not need to get involved with that which has no real form. Only because our body is needed in society, that is why we have received it, yet it should not throw us around. From there all the supernatural powers are completely clarified.

You cannot understand Zen. It matters that we return to the law of the universe, the law of human beings. If you cannot see all the way into your distant past, then your zazen has not become ripe yet. All of us are sitting zazen here, and if we do not have this kind of experience then it is like entering a cave with jewels and not picking up a jewel ourselves. If we simply let go of trying to make things work as we believe they should work, then this world will open up in front of us.

Another monk asks Joshu: "Does a dog have Buddha nature?" - Joshu answers: "U." (it exists). - The monk continues: "How come in a bag of shit like myself, how can there be anything like a Buddha Nature?" - Joshu answers: "Because even though you know, you deliberately transgress." Bringing our experience of truth to society, then society opens up in front of us. We do not need to worry: shall I do this or that. Society shows us what it needs from us. It is not about us looking for something to do. We simply can´t perceive this huge life energy with our intellect. We can collect data but it will always be like looking at this world through a straw. What can we understand from that small wisdom?

Zen is nothing special. When we let go of our ideas the law of heaven and earth becomes clear, the past becomes clear. That is the truth. We are not a separate existence from this universe. When we let go of our small ideas, then the universe becomes our body. No need for difficult peace movements, from there we experience ourselves at one with everybody. As long as the small self remains involved, it can be said that true peace is impossible.

Do not play around with your own ideas of things, simply let them go, that is why we sit, in every single moment we let go, over and over again, and from there we simply return to our origin. 

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