Osesshin Kokuho at Sogenji

The monthly Osesshin has its Kokuho speech and ceremony tonight at Sogenji.  Teishos will be posted here again thanks to Enen  transcribing them. Using the recent answer of the Roshi to “What is breaking through” as encouragement:

When we were born, we already have received our inheritance from our parents, and a just born child takes in a lot of information from the outside, and thus a self-consciousness is formed. Around 23 months of age, it is said that the formation of the character is completed and we start to do things, that make us look good. Which means our Ego is formed. And from there, the awareness about Good-Bad, win-loss comes forth. Looking at it positively, we gather knowledge and our intellectual demands become stronger. But if our self centered view works strongly, we easily have frictions with others. And our human relationships become difficult. Some get into fighting, others into competition. We see the world from us being the center, and the gap between ourselves and others widen. This burden is HUGE, so we all try to get on top and belittle others. “Breaking Through” means, to tear down that wall, to awaken to a huge perspective that includes humankind as ourselves. We awaken to the wisdom that can perceive the position of each thing in existence.

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