Old Age Training

Most monasteries - Christian or Buddhist - do not take new trainees (nuns and monks) over the age of 45. Harada Roshi´s response: "This is just like in society, being moved around by the values of society. This should be exactly the place where the spiritual is different to the everyday world. If you are not giving people over 45 of age a chance, it is like saying: `You are getting old, you are just garbage, just something of no value to society anymore.´ And thus people become unsettled, not knowing where to turn. Of course, people who have been spoiled by daily life in society, for those it will be difficult to adjust to a monastic, simple life style, where the sangha cooks and eats the same food, sharing work just as is possible for everyone. The monastic places could also find a way to support their older sangha members, with a special schedule for people 60 + . During our spiritual training what is most important is not to be worried about what our worth for society might be, but to rather loose ourselves, giving ourselves completely into each and every moment."

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