New Year Poem 2020

The New Year´s Poem read in front of Bodhidharuma

In this fleeting world having turned eighty years of age
In the four oceans Creating karmic connections with peace
Letting donkeys pass, letting horses pass
Even now this hope is not giving up
One drop of Sogen getting old yet filled with huge energy

Just now having turned 80, yet in a fleeting world. The Dharma has no age, yet in this world we came into existence through our parent´s karmic connection. That is the meaning of this fleeting world. Like a bubble, we never know when we will pop. This world is flowing by, just as Heishiro from Ihara realized himself.

Having been able to create karmic connection with many people in this world. There is Hokuozan, Tahomasan, Indozan and Sogenji in Okayama, and many create karmic connections to these places. In this way my path has been completed. Everyone is busy with fighting, yet we do zazen and take the peaceful mind as most important.

The essence: Letting donkeys pass, letting horses pass. Everyone does not have a clue, yet I do not give up, letting donkeys and horses pass, that is what the path is about. A path lets a dog and a cat pass. And there everyone finds guidance to the truth.

Next year´s CHOKUDAI (Emperor´s poet contest´s word of the year) is NOZOMI which can be translated as hope, which is not a good translation of it. Not giving up this hope. Letting donkeys and horses pass is not good enough, there is still so much more to do. I will continue my efforts.

The essence of this being one drop of Sogen. BANSHO that is the era when one turns 80, the end of one´s life time, yet being energetic, still I will continue even further, being filled with huge energy. My hope still continues !


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