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On another more temporal note, reporting from Tahoma that we had a really nice group sit last Wednesday evening in this new "open" meditation at Half Moon Yoga in Langley which Gentai has initiated; 10 people came, it was good to see old and new faces (Shinkai, Ichigen, Ann, MyoO, Fred and Carol) and new (Kozan the new guy at Enso House, and a woman named Glo who leads Chopra Center style meditation classes)...there were no bells, no rakusus, we just sat together for a while until Rin san opened a discussion about the way we want to do this...we sat in a circle on zabuton. We decided on a weekly format of open silent sitting for the first hour, no bells, and people can move around and come and go, and then a bit of tea and some movement and discussion, for the last half hour, according to whoever is "leading" it. I am covering the first Wednesday since Gentai and Rin san and Shinkai can't make it. So we will see who comes this Wednesay..I feel excited, a chance for people to sit together without the form a bit. 

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