New Names for Hokuozan

Harada Roshi has been giving names to all the rooms and halls at Hokuozan Sogenji. Formerly the Roshi called the big barn: Event Hall. Now he gave it the name of ANRA JUEN. Anra Juen was a mango grove of a female supporter and later disciple of the Buddha, who gave this mango grove to the Buddha when she became ordained. A place where lay people would gather and listen to the teachings of the Buddha. One of the garages is being turned into a bigger room, maybe for families, long term residents. The plan is to also install a small kitchen and sanitary facilities. The Roshi named it GION SHOJA, the second monastery given to the Buddha, where he spend many rainy seasons practicing and training with hundreds of monks. And the former chicken house will be turned into a place for yaza. The Roshi gave it the beautiful name of: KO UN SHU GETSU - Plowing clouds, planting moon seeds. Inviting name for yaza, no?

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