Myoshinji Taizanshiki

Today Harada Roshi traveled to Kyoto to prepare for the Taizanshiki tomorrow morning. The Taizanshiki (descending the mountain ceremony) is held every 4 years in Myoshinji, when the past Kancho - head priest of the Moshinji Headquarters - steps down from his position. Kono Taitsu Roshi, the first disciple of Yamada Mumon Roshi, has been taking the responsibility of the Kancho position during the past four year. After stepping down, he will return to being the abbot of Ryomonji in Himeji as well as doing different projects for Myoshinji headquarters. One of the main projects he is busy with is educating retired men to become priests. They follow the yearly intense training sesshins at Ryomonji as well as going to a Sodo, professional training monastery. About 10 out of 100 of these priests then take the position of being an abbot in a temple that has been vacant. Myoshiji has about 2600 monasteries and temples of which one third are empty. In this way Myoshinji is making efforts to still preserve and keep these places active and alive.

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