Once a monk asked Joshu, "Does a dog have Buddha Nature?" 

  The Buddha teaches that all things—even plants, trees, and grasses—are without exception endowed with Buddha Nature. Does this hungry, greedy dog, who goes searching from garbage pail to garbage can, also have Buddha Nature? This mind that is always looking for something, wishing for something to be thankful for, and always getting caught on everything that happens, this unawakened person like me, is there really Buddha Nature there? This is what the monk was asking.
  Without hesitation, Josho replied, "Mu."
  Throw your whole body and mind into that Mu as you become it. Day and night, work intently at it. Do not attempt conceptual interpretations. From morning until night and from night until morning, become a complete fool: muuuuuuuuuu. Bring your awareness into one word, focus your attention into one point, and come to know this place where it's as if you have a burning red-hot iron hall in your throat that you can neither swallow nor spit out. Entering this place, you are aware of nothing but Mu. This is what is most important; this is samadhi. Samadhi is the central point of Buddhism, the fulcrum. To understand the truth of any religion there has to be this pure concentration.
   In telling us how to do Mu, Master Mumon Ekai says to put everything else aside and look at Mu with your entire being—all of your concentration, every hit of your body and mind. If from morning until night you continue your attentive focus with no gap, then it is as it was described in the old clays: from a flavorless stone, a spark will rise. But most important of all is to allow no gaps for thoughts. This is the only way it works.
   Joshu said only "Mu," but the greatest truth of the whole of the heavens and earth is manifested there. All of the roots of delusion and attachment arc obliterated. This is the great Wisdom. All of our conditioned thinking forms the great doubt, and there is no person of training without this doubt. When our eyes are opened, we awaken to great faith.
And so Mumon Ekai says in his poem:

"The dog! Buddha Nature!
The Truth is manifested in full!
A moment of yes and no
Lost are your body and soul! "

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