Mumonkan Teishos

During the samu sesshin the teishos were on the Mumonkan. On day 1 and 2, the teisho was on Case 1 of the Mumonkan: Joshu´s Mu, speaking about the experience of original mind.

Shu iwaku MU - Joshu says Mu.

Followed on day 3 by case 6 of the Mumonkan: Shakyamuni holds up a flower, showing clearly how that true teaching and experience is beyond words.

Nenge Misho - Seeing the flower and smiling

On day 4 of the sesshin, the teisho was on case 7: Joshu says: wash your bowls. How do we live that realization in daily life?

Day 5 of the sesshin, the teisho was on case 16: Unmon´s Bell sound and priest´s robe. How can we live in the midst of rules and regulations in society and keep our inner freedom?

Day 6 on case 19: Nansen´s Ordinary mind is the way. How can we feel out feet in the midst of challenging situations?

Heijo shin kore do - ordinary mind is the path

and the last day on case 5: Kyogen´s man up a tree.

and one more shikishi written by the Roshi:

Sogen´s one drop of water, using it all life long, yet not using it up.

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