Mumon Roshi Thirty Three Years Memorial

Receiving Holy karmic connection 
Thankfulness filling Sogenji´s heaven.
Having received this Dharma mind
My body is an actual expression of it.
From the origin mysterious
People can not perceive it.
This virtue expressed through 33 years

"Having been touched by the Dharma of my teacher, deep thankfulness is within me. This holy connection to the Buddha is now being refreshed under the skies of Sogenji. Receiving this Dharma of mind, this Dharma is alive in me, using this physical body as its expression. Actualising it. This Dharma is passed on from teacher to student, from mind to mind, this cannot be perceived as a form, thus an outsider cannot know, cannot see this. This Dharma left behind by Mumon Roshi is being realised through the whole world, these past thirty three year are revealing this. " 

Shodo Harada Roshi

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