Mountain Gate Zendo

Harada Roshi and Daichi´s visit to Mountain Gate Zendo started out with all kinds of interruptions.  Roshi and Daichi had to wait for hours in the Denver airport for a storm to pass enough to be able to fly down to Albuquerque, where the storm had already arrived.  Driving the hour up from Albuquerque to Santa Fe was treacherous with white-out conditions (snow falling so thickly that it was extremely difficult to see through it) and very icy streets once we reached Santa Fe.  Arriving in Santa Fe we discovered that the road north, which is the only way to get up to Ojo Sarco and Mountain Gate, was closed due to an accident that created a toxic spill.  We'd already decided to stay overnight in Santa Fe, and the Lannings were kind enough to put us up.  The next morning after a wonderful breakfast and a good visit with the Lannings, we were able to head up to Mountain Gate.  Along the way are many Native American pueblos, and we stopped at the Pojoaque (Posuwaigeh) Pueblo's center and walked through their excellent exhibit that chronicles their cultural history.  At Mountain Gate we were met by the rest of the Sangha and enjoyed tea with the roshi.  That evening Roshi gave a talk in the zendo, which I will try to have transcribed as soon as possible to send to you.  The next morning after choka, zazen and breakfast there was another tea, an early lunch, and we headed down to Santa Fe to prepare for the evening's calligraphy demonstration and talk.

That event at the New Mexico Museum of Art was very successful; 187 people attended, filling the St. Francis Auditorium of the museum, and most of them lined up afterwards to purchase books and calligraphies and to meet the roshi.  After the event, everyone went again to the Lannings, who so graciously opened their house to all of us, slept for two or three hours, and at 3 a.m. the next morning we took the Roshi, Daichi and Yuho to the airport, where they were delighted to learn that the airline had put them on a different airline's plane that would go through Phoenix, Arizona, instead of the original flight through Denver.  Phoenix is much farther south and does not normally get snow.

As for Hidden Valley Zen Center, we are still working on that special visa for Sozui, and the regular practice schedule continues.

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