Memorial Service for Fred Soseki Olson. 05/24/15

We mourn for this man, we grieve for this man;
Together we lament, together we are sad.
Our memories are so recent!
Who does not know of his boundless achievements?
Where did Soseki go?
All of Sōgen-ji Tahoma manifests his Truth Like a dream,
we come so soon to this memorial service!

Right before 10 am the Zendo was already full with members of the community who came to pay respects to Soseki Olson. Roshi San gave this beautiful poem, we all chanted together and then he gave a heartfelt speech. He mentioned how he had just shared tea last February with Soseki San and how enthusiastic and supportive he had always been towards Tahoma-San Sogenji Monastery. How he and his dear wife Carol Soki, had been directly involved in finding and securing the purchase of the land in which Tahoma now stands. Roshi and them had always planned together a new project, and even at his memorial service, he would like to continue doing this: Roshi San shared a vision for building a beautiful Memorial Shrine where doves come to rest, with a painting of the Buddha entering Parinirvana: Very much like the one shown in Sogenji´s Hondo in the month of February. It would be a place where we could all join and be remembered with that beautiful image. From now on, every morning Sutra dedication at Tahoma Monastery, includes three of our Dear Sangha members who have passed: Mitsuyu Koji, Jundo Koji and Soseki Koji. Thank you all who participated at this Memorial Service and for the continued support to this community and Roshi San´s vision.

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