Making the child stop crying

A monk asks Baso Zenji: "What is Buddha?" Baso answers: "Mind is not Buddha." It is the same Baso here who answered in another case: Soku shin soku butsu. (Mind is Buddha). So the monk continues to ask: "How come you can answer in such different ways?" And Baso replies: "I am trying to make the crying child stop crying. That is why I said: Mind is Buddha, so that the child would stop crying." So the monk asks: "So what happens when the child stops crying?" Baso relies: "Once the child has stopped crying I will tell the child that there is not mind, there is not Buddha, there is not a thing, because there is nothing to be thankful for. That is what I will tell the child." The monk again asks: "How about if someone comes to ask you `What is Buddha?´ who is not even confused himself? How will you answer him?" Baso replies: "This person I will tell that Mind is not Buddha."

In this way, Baso was answering according to the questioner, whether it was a child that needed to be settled - he would tell the child, that his mind was Buddha. And someone who believed that they understood something, he would take it all away from them and say, that there is neither mind, nor Buddha, nor a thing. And someone who was not even concerned about these questions, not unsettled at all about these matters, he would tell them that mind is not Buddha. That is the very essence of humans, mind is not Buddha. This is the wisdom of Baso of how to take away the pain of other´s.

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