Kakunen musho

Kakunen musho
Vast emptiness, nothing holy 

When Bodhidharma reached China, the emperor welcomed him and explained that he had done everything he could to build temples, train monks, and translate sutras. He asked, "What is the merit of this?" Bodhidharma answered, "No merit." He wasn't saying that there is anything wrong with merit but that having a mind that depends on such things is a problem. The emperor asked further, "What is the ultimate Truth?" The emperor saw himself as a leader who truly manifested the Buddha's highest teaching. To this Bodhidaruma replied, "Vast emptiness, nothing holy." Vast emptiness implies the huge autumn sky with not a cloud to he found. Nothing holy means that there is no division between holy and ignorant, sacred and deluded. There's only this Truth that goes beyond our physical body and state of mind. When we think well of ourselves, we miss the great flow of the world. We have to be able to cut all of our conceptions with one slash. Then, whether in the midst of birth or death, whether giving or receiving, we are limited by nothing. Only when we know this freedom completely can we say that we have realized the Path. 

From "Moon by the window"
Shodo Harada Roshi

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