Jukai - Lay Ordination

"A lay ordination ceremony is about giving one´s whole life in a straight line to the Buddha´s path. When that resolve has become firm, it is a good time to receive this ceremony. At this time you become a direct disciple of the Buddha and receive the precepts from him. In that way only a teacher who has correctly received the Buddha´s Dharma through transmission, can pass on these precepts. There is the need for the proof of the teacher having perceived the same Dharma as that of the Buddha. Before the ceremony the time to prepare your mind is most important, purifying your mind. That is why the Jukai ceremony is not appropriate for anyone at any time. The person about to receive the ceremony, will need to have purified his/her mind in training. A Jukai ceremony is a serious occasion, since your whole life will change 180 degrees after having received it from that purified mind."

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