Indozan Sogenji Shinzanshiki

On the 25th of August the abbot installtion ceremony Shinzanshiki for Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi and Bodhidhamma Osho took place in Indozan Sogenji Zen Monastery near Adhillabad India.

Abbot Poem Taigen Shodo

Tying Karmic connections for twenty years to India
The ancients made huge efforst for the liberation of all
The pulse of Sogen finally returning to India
The Buddha Dharma light continuing for eons

Abbot Poem Bodhidamma

For fourty years following the training of the Buddha
The monk coming from the West returned empty handed
No limit to the experience of one drop of Sogen
Building a peaceful world - the vow immovable

Ikko Zenji from Holland came already end of July to help with the preparations on the grounds. Jordana from Lithuania joined from beginning of August, teaching 1 hour English class to the 22 boys now staying at the monastery. A few days before sesshin the German team arrived to help with cleaning and preparations: ShoE, Nanshin, Kerstin and Till. Finally with Shodo Harada Roshi, Sogen Osho and Matsuo Ichido arrived as well as Jikun from ODZLA and Jigen from Switzerland. For the five day sesshin we were 40 people and for the Shinzanshiki ceremony around 600 people gathered.

Please get a taste of this deeply moving experience by watching these foto galleries of Indozan Sogenji Rinzai Zen Monastery

and of the Shinzanshiki Abbot Installation Ceremony and Blessing of buildings ceremony

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