Indozan Sogenji Sesshin report

Just a short note to say that Shodo Harada Roshi has returned safely from India. Upon arrival at Indozan Sogenji Zen Monastery there was an opening ceremony for the recently constructed monastery, followed by Kokuho that night.  Around 30 people participated in the sesshin, Bodhi Zenji being the head monk, leading choka, playing the mokugyo while instructing everyone since it was the first time sesshin for most people. On the last day there was a lay ordination ceremony with 500 people participating. It is still the rainy season in India, yet luckily there was no rain except on one day, when it rained even into the newly constructed zendo since the windows were still open. The Roshi was pleased especially by the beautiful landscape and amazing construction work Bodhi managed to organize. Until next year the building of a SANMON gate is planned followed by the Shinzanshiki abbot installation ceremony in August 2015.

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