Indozan Sesshin

A poem was given for the opening ceremony of the just build kitchen building of Indozan Sogenji. Sesshin started on the 20th and ended on the 24th of August. Bodhi being Densu and playing the mokugyo, the sutras in the usual Sogenji order were read followed by sutras in Pali. The Roshi gave teishos on the Yuikyogyo, the Bequeathed teachings, and instructions of zazen during the evening. 44 people participated, 4 of the women. Luckily even though it is the rainy season now, there was no rain during this sesshin. The day after was a public lay ordination ceremony.

Plans have also been made for the Shinzanshik, "New Mountain Ceremony" when the new abbots of Indozan Sogenji will be installed. The ceremony is set for the 25th of August 2016, and people from the world wide sangha are planing to attend.

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