In Memory of Ikeda Takamasa

Okayama Sogenji was built as the memorial place of the Ikeda clan. The last decendant Ikeda Takamasa died on the 21st of July 2012 at age 85 after many years of sickness. He was the president of the Zoo in Okayama, leaving behind his wife Ikeda Atsuko, older sister of the present emperor of Japan, yet no further decendants. Today, 24th of July, the funeral was held in the Shinto style with traditional instruments and music, which Harada Roshi and vice abbot Sogen Osho attended. 

Ikeda´s graveyard in Sogenji. These are the graves of the last Ikeda family members, which were actually brought back from Tokyo and re-installed in Sogenji Okayama.

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