Hungarian Zendo Fusion

Over 20 years ago thanks to the introduction by Ueda Sensei, Marika Margescu came to Shodo Harada Roshi at Sogenji. She was the first one to start a One Drop sitting practice in Hungary, in the small artist village of Szentendre. Finally two groups appeared from this one planted seed, the two groups will merge again, using the flat of Marika in down town Budapest. The Roshi was asked for his guidance in these matters. The One Drop Zendo will sit regularly, morning and night, thus offering a chance for working people to sit Zazen before and / or after their work. 

The way the zendo is organized has been working well for many years now, a sangha member taking responsibility for the morning sit on one day and another person at night, all days of the week a different team of Jikijitsus. In this way there is always someone sitting, and people can join as their time allows, in between one of the three sitting periods as well. After the night time sit, there is also the chance to have tea and to exchange about practice.

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