Hokuozan Osesshin

Opening Poem

No rest to be found in this burning house
In all 10 directions - where is heaven?
In zazen forgetting body and surroundings
a true Buddha
Clarifying the one bright light
for all times

The teishos were on the Rinzai Roku, on "The pure light in a single thought of yours - that is the Dharmakaya Buddha. The nondiscriminating light in a single thought of yours, this is the Hojin Buddha. The nondifferentiating light in a single thought of yours, this is the kesshin Buddha.", and on "True Insight", "He who has nothing to do is the noble one." and on "Mind is without form yet pervades the ten directions".

Above the memorial picture with the strong core, that stayed to the very end.

The sangha received books handmade by the sangha in Sogenji, the text on the Vimalakirti Sutra chapter 1 and 2. 

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