Harumasa-ko Exhibition

On the 2nd of December Harada Roshi opened the exhibition in the Hayashibara museum of Okayama, which will be held for 2 months, showing over 70 items of art created by Harumasa-ko as well as his cloths, saddle and item he used. Here in front of the calligraphy KAME - turtle.

Harumasa-ko this year was commemorated for his 200 year anniversary of his passing. He is also the founder of the still alive Bizenryu tea school which Harada Roshi is the Ie-moto of.

Harumasa-ko was a great supporter of all arts, and he was the feudal lord who also turned Sogenji into a place of Zen training. We are deeply thankful for this.

Official opening of the exhibition on 2nd of December

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