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Harada Roshi had an open heart surgery on the 18th of March during which the mitral valve of his heart was repaired. The reflux of the blood in the heart was already at the highest level, which Roshi could feel by being out of breath very soon when walking, even more so when going up stairs. If this condition were not treated, he could have faced heart failure, so he decided together with the heart surgeon Une Sensei at the Kokuritsu Byoin in Okyama to do the 4-5 hour long operation as soon as possible.

The operation went well and Roshi already got up in the ICU to walk around and check his heart which did not have to beat in such a streneous way as it used to. Spending only one night in the ICU, he was tranferred to a normal room and started with rehab the next day. 

Since no complications have occured and Roshi is highly motivated, there will be a last test on Tuesday and if that is fine, he can go home to Sogenji on Wednesday.

Roshi will need to be careful with carrying heavy items for the next few months yet is allowed to fly and contiune his teaching schedule.

Thanks to the wirld wide sangha for supporting Roshi with prayers and zazen during these challenging days. He does not waste a minute and is already back to work in his hospital room.

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