Happy New Year 2017 of the Rooster

Sottaku Doji - pecking simultaneously from the inside and from the outside

From birth we are endowed with Buddha Nature, just like the egg of a bird, it is protected by the shell of the ego. If the shell does not break, then the bird cannot fly freely through the sky. If the shell of the ego is not broken, then BuddhaNature cannot manifest freely.

The hen sits on the egg and is making great efforts to warm the egg so that the chick can grow. When the moment is right for the chick to be born, the hen starts to peck from the outside while simultaneously the chick pecks from the inside, and when the shell breaks the chick is born.

That is how the ripened state of mind of a person of training is being observed, the teacher gives one word while the student is receiving this expression, and in that instant Satori is experienced.

It is not due to the one word of the teacher that awakening happens, yet if daily Samadhi practice is not being let go of, the body is filled with as much taught energy as possible, then the touch of the needle lets it explode.

We as students of Zen when sitting it is Mu, when standing it is Mu, working is Mu, eating is Mu, this life energy is being concentrated on in each single moment,thus the inner essence can ripen. When this taughtness becomes ripe, then your consciousness feels huge and wide.

Once it ripens even more, you can concentrate on your feet and hands, the awareness of the outside becomes weaker, not knowing whether we have a body or not becomes unclear. The mind is only filled with Mu, and then this Mu also is lost track of.

As a person of training if you stay with this practice you will reach this state of mind.Then a shasshu, a question is being put out, and the student does not have a clue yet the whole being moves. This moment when no concept can enter, then mind is being reborn. There is no awakening possible without making efforts.

If you do not search for comfort and do not stop your efforts, then “Great efforts bring for sure forth great light. “ There you can experience the great bright light.

In our lives, all hate and greed is being forgotten as if all past memory has disappeared,all known encounters thrown away, seeing now with new eyes, how bright will this world seem?

Forgetting the sins of others, one´s failure forgotten by others, everyone forgiving one another. If we encounter one another with these warm eyes, how fulfilling is this?

At least once a year to encounter the New Year with this fresh state of mind, then we can feel the importance of experiencing this state of mind.

The sun is new, the water is new, the green of the pines is new, the bamboo, the plum blossom – all is experienced as new. This pure experience of New Year is very close to the experience of awakening. Our family whom we meet daily, today wesee as new, all past difficulties and emotional challenges are looked at from anew state of mind.

Happy NewYear !

Last year having received a lot of care, deeply requesting for this to be continued during this coming year.

Every day is fresh, every day is fresh. To live each day with this fresh feelings and amazement is most important.

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