Happy New Year

Becoming a dragon - rising to the heavens.

Becoming a snake - entering the grasses.


The mind is filled with the feeling of rising up high to the heavens, yet the actual form of entering society and working for others is chosen, symbolized by the snake. These Zen words express the Bodhisattva path. Shido Munan Zenji said: „Kill, kill, kill yourself completely, and then whatever you do is good.“ Not being stuck on the ego and concepts anymore, having let go of desires, from there we enter society – that is the truth of our mind. Returning to this pure mind is the path of Zen. Letting go of divisions between self and other, of interest in personal gain, then we can say: „All beings in this world are my children.“ This huge, all embracing love is the true mind of all humans. Having cut off all illusions, not getting stuck or stopped anywhere, the dragon is moving freely through the world. Turning into a snake, facing those desires and emotions of all humans, being right there in the midst of the grasses with them.

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