Traditionally the Buddha's enlightenment ceremony is read in the walking fashion. Offerings of a full meal - Ryoguzen - as well as hot water, macha and candy, fresh flowers and incense are presented on the altar. The Roshi gives a poem especially written for that days occasion in the traditional Chinese form.

The walking ceremony is done with everyone participating, the main sutra leader walking ahead and setting the pace of the walk. depending on how many people participate, it is done in a circle or in a winding manner. Yet what is important is that the distance between each person as well as between the first and last person is the same so that the groups walks as one being. Sutras were read like this already in China where they had tiles on the floor as you can see in the Kaisando in Sogenji.

For there to not be so much noise of the walking with shoes, special shoes were worn for these ceremonies, which you can only slip into and then sort of have to slide along with, carefully to not have them fall off your feet.

On the bottom of these shoes you can find little supporting flaps, that help the sliding walk.

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