During tea time Roshi explained about the statue seen on this foto. It is in the Kyozo building, in the middle Fudaishi accompanied by his two children. Fudaishi gave the famous poem:

空手把鉏頭 Empty-handed, I hold a hoe.
步行騎水牛 Walking on foot, I ride a buffalo.
人在橋上過 Passing over a bridge, I see
橋流水不流 The bridge flow, but not the water.

It is said that he gave all his food and property to the poor in two huge famines, then finally gathering money to pay for Hangi wood block prints of all 5048 sutras. These are stored in the drawers of the octagonal rinzo, which is a wooden structure that can be moved around like a prayer mill. For Fudaishi it was important that literate and illiterate people could gain merit by rotating this sutra storage, seen below. He left behind the text: Shinnomei, Faith in Mind.

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