From Teisho 7

People know all about the world, but what they know the least about is themselves. Why? Because people are so busy with their ego that reacts to blame and praise unendlessly. Because people do not see beyond that self awareness, identifying with that constantly changing mind. That is why it is taught: "grasp and use but never name."

We cannot invent more than our imagination can imagine. All expressions can be found in our mind somewhere. There is a Hamlet, there is a MacBeth to be found in our mind somewhere.
The parents feel some deep resentment towards their children because they are their mirror. Those difficult places they cannot see in themselves, the child has adapted them and by living it, shows the parents their weak places. Everything in this world is only our shadow.

Emotions and memories gathered through lifetimes in our mind's storehouse. We use the sword of MU to let them all go. Then our mind does not get fooled anymore. Forget yourself so far that there is no more space for judgement to enter between yourself and the experience.

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