From Teisho 2

If we want to realize heaven and throw away evil, our mind will never settle.

To do anything is not what is meant by being ordinary, but rather to be intensely alive in each and every moment, so that we do not get surprised by whatever might happen. Staying with this very moment only. That is how we can liberate ourselves through the Buddhist teaching.

The Buddha said: “I am the only one.” Rinzai said: “To sit as if we already realized the mind of the Buddha.” We perceive the world according to our state of mind is.

Zen is not some special state of mind, but for us in our daily life, to not be busy with judging and explaining everything. We experience from our direct perception - from our gut we already know the answer, but we feel we need to let it pass through our consciousness, double checking with ourselves.

Rinzai says: “Every moment is pure, that is the only thing I teach.”

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