Freedom of Mind

Manura Sonja, the twenty-second Indian ancestor, writes in his transmission verse: 

The mind turns with its surroundings,
A turning that is truly profound;
Perceive mind’s nature within this flow,
And there is neither joy nor sorrow.

This verse tells us that a vital mind - one that is truly aware - is one that moves as one with this world, standing with the world when it stands, sitting with the world when it sits, walking with the world when it walks. Moreover, “there is neither joy nor sorrow,” that is, even as the mind sees, hears, smells, and tastes it possesses nothing inside. 
The usual habit of the mind is to attach to external objects. Deceived by the outside world, it becomes, in effect, a slave to what it sees and hears. When we are used by the things of the world in this way we lose sight of our own inner presence and truth. This contributes nothing to our true happiness, and has nothing to do with genuine joy and sorrow. For the mind to “possess nothing inside” means that it has dropped its habit of attaching to outside things and is no longer led about by circumstances. 

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