European Leader Meeting

Today the wonderful weekend participated in by almost all European One Drop Zendo leaders ended. It was the first of a kind - the schedule also being filled with some samu time and Zazen - was intensely used to bring up questions, doubts, suggestions concerning sesshins, practice and the leaders group, and how we will organize our study time together. It was decided that we will continue these meetings once a year in rotating places, next year in August in Budapest.  Since it was taking place at Daiko Koji´s new zendo in Denmark this time, there is also a gallery of pictures available (here). Thank you all for taking responsibility and courage to be leading your zendos to more and more essence under the guidance of Harada Roshi. (left to right JIGEN Switzerland, SHINNYO Hungary SEIGEN Poland CHOON Denmark SHOGEN Germany GENYU Poland MYOKAN Latvia KOMYO Denmark KIRSTEN Host DAIKO Denmark TAIKYO Hungary SOTTAKU Denmark SHOE Germany).

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