Enzu - the Zen Gardener

Right outside the main gate of Sogenji, a piece of land belonging toSogenji is being cared for by the Enzu - the Zen gardener. For the last terms, it has been long time student Domyo Koji from France with a changing helper each training period, doing the work of the gardener. 

Harada Roshi has been Enzu most of the time he spend as a monk in training in Shofukuji and he stresses that "the work of the Enzu is the best for training. Nothing can be forced, planned or expected. Nature has its own honest response to the gardener´s care. The gardener learns patience and the natural process of growth. These directly relate and effect one´s training" - "This is the place to meet your living Buddha Nature." so the Roshi.

Domyo shares his gardener´s wisdom: "Every day when I go to the garden, I look what I can stop doing. Where my involvement is not needed." - "The seeds that sprout - they are volunteering to grown in this garden. This is what I try to do in the garden: giving life to the soil so that it can manage by itself to nourish veggies."

In Japan spring comes early, so that already all seeds are in the ground, bringing forth organic vegetables which strengthen the sangha in their continued training.

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