Dojo training

This is a time in history that living in the dojo—living, living, living in the dojo—is not the point.  A way of practice which is currently best is that people have lives out in the world and then they come to the dojo often and there they learn how to do their practice in their life away from the dojo. For example, at Tahoma everybody comes to a sesshin, and BAM, a dojo happens. We have people who know how to do jisharyo, people who know how to do tenzo. Everybody comes and there's a sesshin possible, with everybody giving their total attention and intensity to that time because they know that’s their time to do it.  But this idea of living for a long time in the dojo is less the point—rather, learning, by coming to the dojo, how to live on the outside in the Way, and developing what you would develop by living in a dojo, but to actualize that in your life outside. Most important, though, is to take that responsibility to do that—and also that you have to have a deep vow.  And the sesshins have to be strongly guided sesshins by people who know what they are doing, and people there who know that what they are doing is going to be taught by their lives to other people.
The job availability right now is not big, but knowing/recognizing yourself as a person of training with the intention of fulfilling your deep vow, to do a job you are deeply in touch with life energies/conundrums in what you do. One example might be becoming a school teacher, with the children right in front of you who are always making you feel that you have to be more together. When your work is so anew that your training is so important in every single day’s work situation, that’s very good.  In going to school, to become someone for whom the society really needs their services so there will always be work for you but you’re just having to do as much as necessary. The going to school for that is part of the training. It’s not like, "Well, I have to go to school for that, so…" No, the going-to-school time is also part of the training.
And this is able to be done because our passion, deep motivation for our training and deepening keeps us going in this direction.

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