Dharma Drum

Already the second day of Osesshin in Sogenji with 32 participants, the last OSesshin before the yearly Rohatsu sesshin in December. Before teisho it is a tradition that the Dharma drum is being played in a set rhythm, which first calls the monks or people in training to the Hondo, then the priests and finally the Roshi.

Since a year ago, Harada Roshi has adopted the more formal style of beginning the teisho: first the Sanzen bell is being struck in the 7-5-3- pattern, answered by the Han played in the Zendo also in a 7-5-3 pattern, which again is answered by the Big Bell with a Gosei pattern and then finally the Hoku itself starts.

Here you can see the small drum which is played in a set pattern during Bishamon ceremony.

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