Dawn and Dusk Bell

Traditionally in the lay out of Zen monasteries, the bell tower is in the East corresponding to the drum tower in the West. In Sogenji the drum itself has now been moved inside the Hondo.

In the Zen monastery the big bell is being rung 8 times at dusk and dawn. In the winter period it is at 5:30am and 5 pm and it changed at the spring equinox to 5 am and 6pm. In the old days the time of ringing the bell was said to be just when you can see the lines on your palm. During the ringing of the bell, the Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo is being read. 

In Sogenji small stones are moved from one side to the other for counting the bell strokes. 

The Densu ( caretakes of the Hondo, sutras and ceremonies) are in charge of hitting the bell. Here a video with Daishu Koji from Germany.


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