Communism teaches us that all are equal, yet because the ego problem has not been resolved, communism as a political system did not last. It can be said that Buddhism is communism of mind. Our original nature has no name, so we give it the borrowed name Buddha nature. All 7 Billion people, all animal and plants have the same buddha nature sharing the same life energy. In our life there is nothing that we can call our own. Nothing belongs to us, neither our house, nor land, neither body nor even our karma. All exists only because of karmic connection, form exists for a while until they resolve again. Like our body consisting of 60 Trillion cells, the cells of the brain and under the soles of the feet do not fight. The sole cell does not say, i want to become a brain cell and not get stepped on always. All 60 Trillion cells work together in complete cooperation. The same in the world, all is equal, no excess no lack. We need to awaken to this, there is no one who is not needed if we only share and support each other. We need someone in the world who is like a Bodhisattav and brave enough to teach this to all people in society. That is why we do zazen to realize this mind.

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